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We know that high quality, holistic, human-grade food can transform the health of dogs and cats, so we make sure everything in our stores is All The Best. We evaluate every product’s ingredients and sourcing, then test it on our own cats and dogs (and occasionally nibble it ourselves) to make sure it’s the best for your pet.


For over 30 years, we’ve been focused on finding natural solutions to
common dog and cat problems. Take a look at our tips and suggestions for
ensuring healthier, happier lives for your fur kids.

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Fromm 4-star dog food

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Fromm 4-star cat food

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Dogs in the Kitchen and Cats in the Kitchen cans and pouches

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Canine Matrix mushroom supplements

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Bravo Homestyle Complete freeze-dried raw

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Sweaters, coats, scarves and Seahawks gear

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Tucker’s Frozen Raw Dog Food

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Tucker’s Chicken Wraps

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Upcoming Events


Greyhound Pets, Inc. Meet and Greet

Sunday, October 18th from 12 — 2pm, Queen Anne store

If you’re considering adopting a Greyhound, stop by and meet volunteers […]


Cat Tales adoption event

Sat., October 17, 11am-4pm, Ballard store

Stop by to meet sweet adoptable cats and see if your perfect kitty match is in our store.


Seattle Humane Society MaxMobile

Thursday, October 8, 2 – 5pm, Holman Road store

The big yellow bus full of adoptable dogs and cats will be visiting […]