Feb 17

Successful event for Old Dog Haven

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What a great night at our Queen Anne location! The "Cook For Your Wolf" alternative foods dinner raised $110 for Old Dog Haven! So many cute faces attended and they all enjoyed a dinner of Stella & Chewy's Lamb appetizers, Grandma Lucy's Chicken or Venison Dinner and Natures Variety Sweet Spot's frozen treat for dessert!

Jan 14

Anesthesia-Free Dental Cleaning

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Anesthesia-free teeth cleaning is our preferred choice for our own dogs. Cleanings are done by Scott Blanchard, using hand tools only. He holds the dog in his lap while talking to him in a soothing, reassuring manner. His technique is gentle, thorough and completely drug-free. The cleaning itself takes about 20 minutes. Only hand-friendly dogs who aren't aggressive or overly fearful are good candidates for this service. Only routine cleanings can be performed. Your dog will first have a brief wellness exam by a licensed vetrinarian and if more extensive oral care is needed such as extractions or treatment for gum disease, you will be referred to your vet.