As an animal lover and ethical eater herself, it was important to Jacqueline Prehogan, president of Open Farm, that the foods made by her family-run business reflect their values. Their ingredients come from farmers who respect the land that they farm and the animals in their care, raising them according to strict standards giving them adequate space, shelter and gentle handling, on a healthy vegetarian diet free of antibiotics and other harmful additives. As result, Open Farm’s meat is of exceptionally high quality. Their seasonal whitefish is from sustainable ocean-caught species only, and the entire farm-to-bowl supply chain is audited and certified by third party organizations such as Certified, specializing in humane animal care.We are proud to introduce Open Farm’s grain-free dry dog formulas, featuring an abundance of fresh animal protein (no meat or poultry meals), a blend of coconut and salmon oils, fresh fruits and veggies and wild fish ingredients in every bag. They are free of artificial preservatives or any ingredients from China. What a great way to combine healthy nutrition with kindness to animals and peace of mind!
• made from whole pieces of tuna, salmon or chicken• high in the proteins cats love, with nothing else

• designed to coax persnickety cats to eat

• no synthetic vitamins or nutrients ever added

• Rouge label pouches have natural gelatine for hairball control