Specials valid through the end of the month.

Bravo Homestyle home-prepared dog food

• add water to make a complete, nutritious meal in minutes
• great for camping and meals on the go
• whole meat is the #1 ingredient
• with antioxidant rich cranberries and veggies

$10 off 6lb bag
$5 off 2lb bag

New! Stella & Chewy’s Raw Coated and Raw Blend dry dog food

• gently baked at lower temps
• 65–70% grass-fed, free-range meats and wild caught fish
• organic fruits, veggies and probiotics

$8 off any 22lb bag
$6 off 10lb bag
$4 off 3.5lb bag

Small Batch frozen raw dog and cat food

• locally sourced ingredients, made in the Northwest
• made with organic produce and humanely raised meats
• vitamins, minerals, amino acids & EFAs from whole foods

$4 off 6lb bag
$2 off 3lb bag

Koha canned cat food

• available in stew or pate textures– stews have chunks of meat in thick gravy, “Roo” patés combine kangaroo with other meats
• high protein, grain and potato-free

50¢ off  5.5 oz can
$12 off any case

New! Wellmade canned dog food

• made with ground, chopped meat & whole veggies
• slow-cooked and prepared in a human-grade facility
• grain free, with no meat by-products

Buy 3, get the 4th FREE!